Monday, February 28, 2011

The Perfect gift for your Yoga Friend

Is your yoga crazy friend's birthday coming up soon? Well here is the perfect gift! A custom yoga mat from!

Go through the process and choose which color you want and so forth!
But not only is can you buy yoga mats, you can buy bags that match your yoga mat, greek mats, baby mats, and dog mats.
I absolutely love this and I will be buying this in the future!

NOTE: All pictures were taken from, except for the screen shot of making the yoga mat.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Devouring Coffee Cake Cupcakes

How was your Valentine's Day? My was great and guess what I made? Cupcakes! (That was a little obvious!) Anyway I made Coffee Cake (just get your standard vanilla cupcake recipe and add 1 tbsp. instant coffee dissolved in 1 tbsp. milk), with my favorite buttercream recipe topped chocolate sprinkles.
Here are a couple of pictures I took:

So yummy! Comment below if you want to know how to make these cupcakes!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines Barrettes

This perfect idea poped into my head! Valentines hair clips! I searched and searched online and I found Purl Bee and they have a tutorial on it! Except, I did mine a little differently.
So, with Valentines just around the corner, you don't have any Valentines flair! Well, here is a Valentines Barrette  that is noticeable, but not to in-your-face. You will need:
Contrasting felt (red and pink or fuchsia and pink)
A bobby pin or barrette
Purl Bee Valentine Heart Template 

  Before we get started I'd just want to let you know that I am using red and pink felt.

  So the first thing to do is use one of your felts (I'm using red) and cut it out in the shape of the large heart on the template. You will need two of these. Afterwards, do the same with other felt (again, I'm using pink) except cut it out in the shape of the small heart and you only need one.

  With one of your large felt pieces make a slit to put in the barrette. If you are using a bobby pin like me, make one slit in the middle and then another slit far off to the other side. Sew both of the large pieces together. 

  Now take your small pink heart, place it in the middle on the side that does not have the slits in it, and sew straight down the heart. Your result should look like this:
If your looking for more heart shapes or even what the heart looks like with a barrette, please go here:

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